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Software Engineering

At RELA-TECH, we offer software development services in a variety of technology stacks. Nowadays the word Microservices is a must, and one company could never only rely on one framework or programming language.


1. Our developers are mostly Microsoft oriented, programming in languages such as C#, VB either web, desktop. They have more than 10 years in the industry. Recently dealing with .Net Core and Web API solutions serving on project updates, or from scratch ones. Adapting the latest design pattern relevant to the topic. 

2. HTML, Vanilla JavaScript, CSS - on the front end side is not the ultimately technology stack but there are existing web applications and web site which rely on these. We could support you on those adding jQuery, Bootstrap and other well known plugged in templates using the mentioned. 

3. React - we do have experience in React and could support you with professional scripting in the front end side of your application. Building reusable components which could even serve for your needs.

4. Sql Server is our mostly loved database. We do have developer and administration capabilities in different versions of it. Either on premise or cloud, we know different versions of it. Reporting services with SSRS, Crystal Reports and even PowerBi are value added to your reporting data that we can support you.

Of course, MySql is not less important. We could help you with that as well.

5. Python scripting - ultimately dealing with technology changes a developer is not thought to be a developer if he does not know Python. Python Django is our start for building reliable, fast written, performant microservice.  

6. Areas of expertise: Web Applications: real estate marketing, scheduling solutions, Courts cases management system, allocators-fund managers connecting, maps solutions, Dynamic 365 Customizations, Integrations with Salesforce.

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