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Product Management

At RELA-TECH, we can help you manage your products across their complete lifecycle (from concept - to delivery & maintenance). We have experience with products of different complexity levels and industries, launched in Digital or Traditional Sales channels. Also, as an added value, we have experience as Sales Technical Consultant - ensuring a much better understanding on customer needs and processes.

Product Management activities - we can support you with the below list of activities:

  • Defining Product features for each Sprint

  • Defining long term roadmap strategy and vision

  • Business Case and Commercial Proposition

  • Competitor analysis to define battle cards for sales teams and ensure clear differentiation from them

  • Project Management and work tracking on Jira

  • QA testing of the app (web, android, ios), documenting all test cases, reporting bug fixes

  • Performing UATs, approving UI/UX journeys and proposing changes 

  • Defining product activation journeys to have automatic provisioning & billing process 

  • Prepare Training Materials and Presentations for different stakeholders 

  • Preparing detailed documentation for FAQ supporting scenarios and Customer Manuals

Areas of expertise - we have product management experience on below areas/industries

  • Financial Industry

  • eCommerce platforms

  • Healthcare

  • Mobile Apps

  • Collaboration services

  • Security Solutions

  • IOT

Sales Channels - we have experience launching products on below channels

  • Digital Channels

  • Corp/SME customers managed by Direct Account Managers

  • SoHo customers managed by Retail Channel

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